Material Handling

Machinery solutions increasing efficiencies while reducing defects due to damage.

Material handling in today’s manufacturing facility, it is becoming more and more important to produce your finished products in a more efficient manner.

We at Leadermac USA have experience in production facilities from the small cabinet shop, to the high-speed flooring manufacture, to the large remanufacturing plant producing squares at high feed rates, each of which can require material handling solutions designed to suit their particular challenges. We offer a wide range of material handling automation products, from short stock feeders, hopper feeders, light and heavy-duty lateral feeders, to complete package breakdown and feeding solutions, with a range of stacking solutions also available. Discuss your material handling automation requirements with our team at Leadermac USA and we will work with you to identify solutions to your particular production flow challenges.

  • Material Handling Systems designed for your particular Needs
  • Single machine feeding systems, to fully automatic production lines available
  • Manufactured to meet North American production requirements

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