Produce excellent knife-edge, for longer production time, and better-finished results.

Leadermac USA understands the importance of grinders in your facility. Properly sharpened tools will last longer keeping your machine producing more product at the end of the day, and at the same time produce better finish results on your final product. Our line of profile grinders has been designed to allow consistent, repetitive and accurate results. All adjustments on the grinder are easy to use by the operator, ensuring the most accurate consistent grinding result is obtained. The Leadermac USA line of automatic cutter head grinders are designed to produce exceptional results on straight knife grinding automatically, allowing the grinder person to focus on other requirements in the grinding room, by properly grinding straight knives, you will ensure the knife-edge longevity, and exceptional finished product results.

  • Designed with the operator in mind, ease of use.
  • Quick setup and adjustments.
  • Designed to allow the ground tool, to be ground, measured and set up on the moulder to ensure quick changeovers.

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