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The Stenner MHS Series Multi-Head Horizontal Resaws are ideal for cutting fencing, pallet material, and thin boards, as well as slab recovering and precision resawing of timber. With a thinner kerf and requiring less electrical power than a circular saw multirip, the MHS Series offers productivity and economy; while modular design allows each installation to be tailored to specific requirements, including the number of heads and options such as angle cutting (ie feather-edge boards) and automatic timber return.

Why Stenner MHS Series Multi-Head Horizontal Resaws?

  • Track feed speed is steplessly variable and synchronized with the overhead arms, which operate as true radial arms to provide excellent control on different thicknesses of material
  • Robust construction
  • Modern control systems
  • Easy maintenance
  • High operational safety
  • Stenner’s MHS series multi-head horizontal resaws range has proved popular worldwide with more than 900 saw units installed in diverse applications.

Key performance data

  • Available in three models – MHS 9 (pulley diameter 915mm / 36″), MHS 10 (1050mm / 42″) and MHS 12 (1220mm / 48″)
  • Maximum timber width (depending on model and configuration) – 305mm or 450mm
  • Variable feed speeds – from 7.5-30m/min to 15-60m/min (25 – 100 FPM to 50 – 200 FPM)

Low friction pressure sawguides of either a disposable or remachinable design provide the excellent blade stability required for accurate cutting.

Sawblade & Pulley cleaning
These machines are fitted with a drip feed cleaning system to lubricate the felt pads. In tandem with scrapers fitted to the pulleys, the felt pads ensure the cleanliness of both the pulleys and the sawblade.

Saw straining
Strain is applied to the sawblade by a pneumatic cylinder, which applies pressure via a linkage when the lever is operated. For safety purposes a low pressure switch is incorporated, which automatically removes power to the main drive motor power (so the machine stops running) if pressure drops to an unsatisfactory level.


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