Special Machines

No matter what your application, we help you design a solution to meet your needs.

Leadermac USA can work with you to design special machines to suit your requirements. Whether your application, from solid wood to engineered wood, plastics or composites, we can help you design a solution to meet your companies particular moulding machine requirements. When you work with Leadermac, special does not mean expensive. We can assist in the design and engineering of specially configured moulding and profiling solutions to meet your exact production needs. By working with us, you get a team of experienced individuals to work with to ensure your desired finished results are met.

Every year we help customers take their special production requirements thru the design and engineering, and productions stages of the factory. Full factory testing to share production and finish results ensures your approval before your machine’s shipment is common practice.

Leadermac product line lends itself to ensure we can end up with the machine design you need without overcomplicating your actual requirements.

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