End Matchers

Reducing installation time while providing stability.

End matching wood flooring or wall panelling ensures a consistent appearance after installing and reducing the overall installation time. Without this process, you need to trim each board on-site before installation.

Marinus is the world leader in end this technology and has produced the revolutionary POWERMAX combination defect optimizing saw and end matcher. With this machine, you can come out of the moulder, mark any defects, and feed the material into it, cutting out the defect and produce an end match on the board’s leading and tailing part—all of this in a single machine.

The Cantek EM12 is a more economical approach for mid-size volume applications, with a through-feed design that requires less floor space with minimal material handling. Its counter-rotating cutterheads produce an adjustable tongue and groove on each board’s leading and tailing edge simultaneously.

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