Feedmac 04 Automatic Short Stock Feeder

Machine Information

  • Includes short Lateral Infeed Belt feeding to Longitudinal Belt which singulates the pieces and Infeeds them to the Side Short Stock – Chain Feeder mechanism.
  • Operator loads the infeed belt and the rest is automatic. Note loading on ht belt is much easier then loading a hopper.
  • Standard Version with: insertion mechanism attached to the infeed table (i.e. using 55” (1.4) meter short moulder infeed table)
  • Infinitely adjustable in widths from 1” – 9” by handwheel,
  • Applying lateral (side) pressure with chain feeder onto the work pieces.
  • Pressure regulated by pneumatic cylinder and controlled by Regulator & Pressure Gauge,
  • Manually adjustable variable feed speed 25 to 150 FPM
  • Feed Drive Motor ½ HP & Chain Drive Motor 1 HP
  • Electrics are 230/460 or 575/3/60 including control to allow connection to moulder infeed

Work Piece Sizes

  • Length from 6” – 3 ft. (longer on request)
  • Width from 1” – 9”
  • Thickness from .32” – 2”

Option Available

  • Extra Top Short Stock Infeed Roll on the moulder