Feedmac 07 Automatic Hopper Feed


Machine Information

  • Standard Version with: insertion mechanism attached to the infeed table (i.e. using moulder infeed table)
  • Infinitely adjustable in widths from 1” – 9.5”,
  • Special Feed Shoe which is pneumatically pressured against the piece of wood  to be fed in is mounted on 2 HD shafts that are parallel to the moulder Infeed Table – The shoe is pressed against the material and then is pushed by Air Cylinder towards the Moulder or other Infeed
  • Pressure and Infeed Speed are regulated by pneumatic cylinders and controlled by Regulators & Pressure Gauges,
  • Loading magazine is approx. 20” high, easily adjustable in width according to the workpieces being run
  • Electrics are 230/460 or 575/3/60 including control to allow connection to moulder infeed

Work Piece Sizes

Length from 8” – 5 ft**
from 1” – 9.5” (12” optional)
Thickness from .375” – 5”

**Note: This machine is designed to handle lumber up to 5’ in length. Lumber condition and/or Green lumber may Limit the max. length that can be handled. Stack height in the hopper may have to be reduced to accommodate for various product conditions and longer lengths.

– Also shorter material can be fed but it will have to but feed