Used Challenge 4.5A Edgebander

Machine Information

Especially designed for the application of veneer, PVC, ABS, melamine and solid wood strips from .4mm up to 5mm of thickness.


  • Solid Steel Fence: 680mm L x 20mm W x 60mm H
  • Heatable from 0° to 90° approx. with a thermometer; with heavy steel support for the panel.
  • Teflon Coated Lower Glue Pot
    • With quick heating time (Approx. 6 minutes)
    • Capacity of 3 Litres
    • With granulated glue
    • Manual movement of glue pot (via handle) in/out of glue line (Apply or not apply glue on panel edge)
  • Coil magazine @ 800mm diameter
    • Automatic wood strip magazine for edge thickness from 0.4mm up to 5mm.
  • Vertical shear for cutting ABS and PVC up to 3mm thick and 64mm width, with vertical movement and horizontal copying movement.  The function is electro-pneumatic.
  • Pressure roller zone composed by nr. 03 rollers.  The first pressure roller (100mm Dia.) is steel and motorized.  The other 2 idle rollers (60mm Dia.) are with opposing degree tilt for a perfect pressing.  This unit is equipped with manual movement with a digital counter.
  • Automatic adjustment of the top groups when moving pressure beam up / down.
  • Touch Pad Control Panel
    • Sets temperature of glue heat requirements
    • Sets lower temperature in stand-by mode when machine not in use (glue will not burn)
    • Enters values for activation of coil cut-off system, leading/tailing edge cutting for end trim saw
    • Displays feed speeds
    • Displays number of pieces processed
    • Displays error codes
  • Line Control Feed System
  • A line control system ties the activation of the spiked roller, guillotine, & end trim saws to the computer/encoder.
  • The operator can then easily, accurately, and quickly make adjustments through the control panel (no micro switches to adjust)
  • Feed on Left / Work stations on Right – When standing at feeding end of machine.