MRS340 Hydro-Locking Arbor Multi Ripsaw

Machine Information

Our MRS-340 Hydraulic Quick Lock Arbor multi-ripsaw is designed for fast change over between various working widths. Simply use a block of wood or a spacer between the fixed and moving blade and turn the knob to expand the shaft and your blade is locking in position and ready to go. This is much faster than interchanging spacers on a shaft or sleeve.

  • New Hydraulic Quick Lock Arbor for infinite quick positioning of saw blades on arbor. Shaft has hardened inserts which expand and contact the internal bore of the blades. This provides accurate and secure blade holding with the tightening of a knob on the end of the shaft.
  • Can be used with quick change arbor or saw sleeve with spacers.
  • The main frame is cast iron, all the main parts are enclosed, ensuring protection and perfect stability.
  • Straight line feeding caterpillar chain type
  • Infinitely Variable feed speeds
  • Nickel chrome steel saw arbor
  • Digitally controlled lubricator for chain
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • 2 rows of anti-kickback fingers