Used WLK6 30 HP / 22.2 kW Scrap Grinder

Machine Information

For more than 20 years, WEIMA has been developing and perfecting the technology of shredding & grinding equipment. With more than 15,000 machines sold worldwide our machines are the most highly developed, efficient and trouble free units ever produced.  The WL(K) Series shredders are among this group of machines and are the most economical.

The WL(K) Series machines are hopper-fed shredders that utilizes a low speed, high torque rotor to shred scrap/waste material to size.  The large hopper gives the ability to eliminate manpower and labor costs by allowing batch feeding via forklift, dump gaylord or conveyors. The slow turning rotor eliminates the high noise and therefore enables the location of the machinery to areas convenient for waste disposal rather than locations that protect from noise.

WEIMA shredders utilize a hydraulic ram to provide a controlled feed into the rotor. The ram’s feed rate and positioning are timed and controlled by sophisticated electronic controls that “read” the amp load on the main motor and optimize the pressure applied to the cutting rotor. This optimization acts to keep material in constant contact with the rotor while not exerting excessive pressure that causes premature bearing failure. Additionally, the unique universal joint mounting of the hydraulic cylinders eliminates potential damaging lateral forces that occur during the feeding of a mixture of size and types of materials.

The rotor design is so unique that it is patented. Years of development enabled WEIMA to develop the most efficient and effective rotor possible. The “V” Rotor (so called due to the V-grooves cut into the rotor) provides extremely tight tolerances on every inch of the rotor. 4-way indexable cutters are recessed into the crest of the “V”s, limiting the protrusion of the cutter from the rotor and therefore minimizing the sudden ‘jolting’ impact of the material contacting the cutters; impact that causes wear and fatigues the machine over a period of time.

Because the rotor is driven by a high efficiency, oil filled gearbox, the machine is able to deliver high efficiency cutting action with a relatively low horsepower as compared to “old style” volume reducers.

A screen on the output side of the rotor controls material size. Screens vary in size from ½” to 4”. The larger the screen size the less time involved in shredding the material and the greater the output.