Used 15RMM 15 Spindle Dovetailer

Machine Information

Brookman dovetailers have a long pedigree extending back fifty years during which time the design has been consistently improved and updated. Brookman dovetailers were the first to mount the cutter spindles on ball bearings, to use on all gear drive, and to immerse the whole in a dust proof oil sump. All the developments since have been to the same high standard of innovation and sound engineering.

All types of dovetail joints can be cut and these in several pitch sizes. Smaller hand lever models are offered for low volume output, through to large capacity fully automatic types with pneumatic clamping and, if advantageous, drawer front drilling attachments.

All Brookman dovetailers are of the multi-spindle type, with the cutters set at 1”, 25.4 mm pitch. They cut furniture style dovetailing properly suited to general purpose drawer production.

All Brookman dovetailers have vertical adjustment to the cutter spindles enabling the dovetail pin length to be set exactly as required. An adjustment within the machine enables the fit of the dovetails to be determined exactly as required and to compensate for cutter wear.