U Power Moulder Series

Machine Information



  • 1 Piece – Extra Heavy Main Frame.  Specially heat treated for maximum stability and minimum vibration
  • 78 inch (2 meter) long Adjustable Infeed Table and Fence (each adjustable .4 inch)   – other lengths optional
  • All Tables and Fences are Hard Chromed approx. .012”-.014” Chrome Thickness
  • Lift up sound and safety Enclosure including safety interlocks and good Strobe-Free lighting inside the enclosure
  • Maintenance free Full Cardan Shaft Drive to feedworks for balanced drive performance, with individual worm reduction gear box to each feed roll station
  • Powered rise and fall to extra heavy feed support beam by 3/4 hp/.55 kw motor.
  • Upper support Beam is supported at both the Infeed and Outfeed ends on 2 large columns for best, most rigid upper beam support.
  • All feed rolls and pressures move with top beam rise and fall, including safety switches at extreme points.
  • 9 Top Driven Feed Roll Assemblies (each equipped with Multiple 2” wide rolls that can be quickly spaced/positioned or removed as desired)
  • 3 driven Full width Bed(Bottom) Rolls
  • Top infeed rolls before first bottom head with pneumatic rise and fall by switch
  • Centrally located Pneumatic Pressure Gauges & Controls for Top Rolls, Chip Breakers and Roll holdover Assembly opposite rear side head on Exterior Column
  • All Top Rolls are Pneumatically Tensioned. There are 3 different pressurized groups to the Top Rolls. Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Top Rolls. Each group has a pressure gauge and regulator for varying pressure setting. This really helps for the feeding of different materials with different conditions, smoothly and efficiently.
  • All Infeed Top Rolls are Hardened, Serrated and Satin Chromed to resist wear and prevent chips and shavings from sticking to them
  • Top feed rolls after top head are Polyurethane
  • 2 Piece Full width Bottom Driven Infeed Roll
  • Intermediate short stock top driven feed roll station with pneumatic pressure for feeding minimum 8”(200mm) length work pieces.  It is easily flipped up for rear side head removal.
  • Top/Bottom Powered Outfeed Rolls, with bottom full width and plain
  • Inch forward and reverse to feed with duplicate control at top head position for fast and easy setting
  • Feed roll diameter   5.5” / 140mm
  • 5HP VFD Electronic Infinitely Variable Feed Drive 20 – 120 fpm including Inverter Duty
  • Feed motor with Brake module and Digital Speed Readout on the Control
  • ALL Spindles are 8000 RPM (This way you can increase the machine productivity by 33% over a 6,000 Rpm Moulder)
  • 1 13/16” Spindle Diameter – (40mm, 50 mm or 2 1/8”– Optional – No Charge)
  • Spindles are manufactured from SCM-440 tool steel (Imported from Mitsubishi-Japan) with special heat treating to HR 55C Hardness fitted with 2 pairs of RHP ABEC 7 Duplex Super high precision high speed Bearings to provide the best in cutting stability with permanent accuracy. Spindle Tolerance is guaranteed to +/-0.002mm / 0.00007” accuracy. They are permanent grease lubed and are sealed and are impervious to dust and water.
  • All Spindles have vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Adjustment of all spindles from front – Easy to operate stations
Thickness Material .4” to 6”
    Note – to .25” thick and/or to 8” or 10” thick optional
Width Material .6” to 9” (12” & 13” – optional)
    Note – You can actually run to 9 1/2” Fin. Width with slighter smaller Near Side head(Please discuss)
Min Length of material 8” (Butt Fed)
Axial adjust. Side Heads 4”(102 mm)

Axial adjust. top/btm heads

 .8” (20mm)

Net weight 16,920 lbs.