LEADERMAC | Panel Multiple Ripsaws

A powerful, precise, efficient, and economical unit all in one small package.

The Leadermac Panel Multiple Ripsaws are ruggedly constructed for maximum rigidity and stability. They are ideal for panel boards and laminated lumbers (MDF, particleboards, OSB, lumber or plastic materials, and other laminated materials). The Panel Multiple Ripsaws feature pneumatic pressure wheels to provide extra workpiece support on the infeed table, independently powered top and bottom infeed rolls for a smoother feeding of the workpiece, and an anti-rebound fence for operational safety and the infeed of the machine.

Why Leadermac Panel Multiple Ripsaws?

  • 6 top rollers with pneumatic pressure system for smooth and stable feeding
  • 4 bottom feed rollers for powerful infeed movement
  • The anti-rebound fence located on the infeed ensures operational safety
  • The infeed table is equipped with 1 auxiliary roller and 2 side pressure wheels
  • Hard chromed table for maximum resistance and durability
  • 3 central dust hoods (6’’ each) are used for dust collection
  • Inverter control for infinitely variable feeding speed
  • Ruggedly constructed for maximum rigidity and stability
  • Full safety enclosure with noise reduction
  • Powered elevation of feed rollers for convenient setting
  • The pressure gauges are mounted on the front side for easy adjustment
  • Remote control stand for greater operating experience
  • Extra heavy main frame – stress relived
  • High precision spindle assembly with hydro-loc outboard bearing assembly on outboard end of shaft to provide the best in shaft ridgity
  • Entire spindle assembly slides out on heavy duty outboard support for quick, easy and precision saw setting & changing
  • Hardened & chromed infeed table
  • 8 sets of top power driven rolls – full width
  • 6 bottom power driven rolls – full width
  • Infinitely variable pneumatic pressure to top feed rolls
  • Feed roll drive is by cardan shaft drive with heavy duty gearboxes with universal shafts interconnected
  • Heavy duty VRD feed system – infinitely variable (yield speeds to 50, 100 or 200 FPM)
  • Main motor has wye-delta (soft-low amperage) start
  • Sound and safety enclosure included
  • Available options – include side head(s) & scoring saw(s) arbor ahead of the main arbor