PUSH 180 Optimizing Crosscut Saw

Machine Information

Optimizing Crosscut Saw, with pusher system, versatile, fast and precise.

Positioning by means of a precision rack ensures high speed (300 mt./1′ for model PUSH 180S), precision and top performance levels for life, without any deterioration and need for maintenance.

The use of the pneumatic gripper (above-below) makes it possible to exploit the maximum speed when positioning, especially when cutting superimposed boards, matchboard or large pieces.

The PUSH 180 is supplied standard with an integrated lateral chain loader which ensures continuous feeding of the boards and constant productivity without down time.

The PUSH 180 XL is the heaviest version and makes it possible to work large boards. The boards are positioned by means of an over-sized pneumatic gripper (above-below). The loader uses chains with pneumatic cells for separating the boards.

Dedicated software makes it possible to use the crosscut saw at the very best in the following sectors:

Total optimization of the boards in terms of length, quality and dimensions with the elimination of the defects marked using fluorescent chalk.

Length optimization for machining single boards with different widths, superimposed boards or beams, for packagers and carpenters.

Possibility of loading data via network or USB.

Unloading and sorting the different sizes take place by means of sorting conveyors with software-controlled pneumatic ejectors.

The PUSH 180 can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems for the maximum exploitation of the production capacity and saving labour:

  • CT1, a loader with a vacuum system for picking up single pieces directly from packs (10 boards per minute loaded individually).
  • CT4, a loader with vacuum system for picking up whole sets of boards side by side (4 cycles per minute) and recovery of the strips.
  • SC1, single-size stacker with angular elements.
  • SC4, stacker with mobile angular elements for simultaneously unloading different sizes.