Used Compact XL Moulder - 4 Heads


  • Right and left vertical spindle along with the top horizontal spindle are equipped with the "Set-up" quick adjustment system, which allows the set up of the spindles in one single step. Simply set the minimum dia. of the tool and then the tool itself, working thickness, front and rear pressure shoes, and feed rollers are automatically adjusted
  • Powered bottom roller on out feed table
  • Illuminated soundproof cabinet with safety interlock switch
  • Electrical shut-down push-button
  • Selector for job forward feed movement
  • Auxillary low voltage circuit
  • Standard tool kit (cutters not included)



Max. working width (finished section): 9"(230mm)
Min. working width (standard): 6"(15mm)
Max. working thickness(finished section): 5"(125mm)
Step-less feed speed: 13-78 fpm
Spindle speed: 6000 rpm
Spindle diameters: 40mm
Working length capacity of vert. spindles: 140mm
Working length capacity of hor. spindles: 250mm
Axial adjust. of vert. spindes compared
to worktable: 0~40mm
Axial adjust. of hor. spindles
(except planer spindle): 0~40mm
Min./Max. diameter of profiling tools
on spindles: 100-180mm
Min./Max. diameter of tools on planer spindle: 120-140mm
Diameter of feed rollers: 140mm
Length of in-feed table: 2500mm
Min. length of single workpiece: 475mm
Electrics: 220/3/60



  • Pneumatic pressure for feed rollers
  • Powered raising and lowering of feed system
  • Vertical pressure with idle roller placed in front of right spindle
  • Kit for minimum working width to 15m
  • Manual lubrication pump for work table
  • Centralized manual lubrication
  • Automatic star delta
  • Increased motor power 7.5HP planer, 15HP right/left, 10HP top
  • Kit for enabling profiling with the top spindle
  • Second flanged feed roller opposite left vertial



Condition: Excellent
Serial No: AB164310
Year: 2004
Listing #: MD SCM COMP-XL-C2-012411