Used LMC623SP Speedmac Throughfeed Moulder

Machine Information

  • 6-Head (B-R-L-T-T-B), working cap. 9-1/16″ x 6″ cap.
  • Head sequence: Bottom 20 HP, right 15 HP, left 20 HP, top 30 HP, top 25 HP and bottom 50 HP motors. Amp meters on spindle motors # 1,4 and 6.
  • Spindles:  Dia. 2-1/8″ with cutterhead speed of 6,000 RPM. ≈≈ Spindles #2 – 6 with 7,200 RPM spindle speed. ≈≈ Spindles (all) equipped with mechanical digital readouts, digi-set readouts for left and top spindles. REC-705B Quik-Trueset system for top head positioning of all top heads. ≈≈ REC705B Quik-Trueset system for positioning of left spindle. ≈≈  Horizontal spindles with  Hydro-Loc outboard bearings.≈≈ Chipbreaker and pressure elements include mechanical digital readouts for accurate positioning. Chipbreakers at left and top spindles with pneumatic pressure.
  • Jointers: Profile jointers on spindles #2, 3, and 4; air controlled from outside the enclosure. Straight knife jointer on spindle #1.
  • Feed works: 20 HP VFD drive with feed speeds of 20 – 400 FPM (120 MPM).
  • Infeed table: 1.2 M (4′-0″) Infeed table, lateral side pressure roller at infeed gate and “solid” chromed tables and fences, (4) full width driven adjustable infeed & outfeed table rollers in machine bed, lateral side pressure roller at infeed.


  • Central lubrication
  • Automatic table lubrication,
  • Swing-away intermediate short piece gearbox opposite left spindle
  • Protection against backlash when splitting.
  • Full width driven adjustable infeed & outfeed rollers in machine bed
  • Lateral side pressure roller at infeed gate
  • Feed jog/inch forward at top spindle and operator tools & manuals
  • Dust collection spider to fit machine “quick connect”.
Machine Details

Condition: Fair
Year Mfg: 2010
Electrics: 460/3/60
Serial No.: 093490
Listing No.: MD LMC623SP-C6-052119