SmartSet 300 Touch Screen Control System

Machine Information


We are pleased to introduce to you four new Leading edge Technology SmartSet Controls & Setworks Control systems from LEADERMAC
Each of these new control systems will add great value to your moulder and your operation with dramatically reduced pattern changeover times and fewer mistakes being made. Different applications will justify different systems.

This system is really suited for most machine applications if desired. We have other systems available on request:


PLC with Touch Screen on HD Remote Control Stand

  • 18″ Operators Touch Screen – PLC
  • Memory & Recall of up to 1,000 profiles
  • Multi Profile Input & Memory (History)
  • Auto Setworks with AC Servo-motor-gear box on Axis as desired
  • Each Axis is equipped with Ball Screws for positioning with Rotary Encoder feedback for actual position control and true digital position readout
  • (2) Two Digital Readouts and Ball Screws with Rotary Encoders for each head
  • The Touch Screen has a wealth of history information, operating elements, parts lists in order to be a huge benefit to the operator
  • The person responsible for moulder setup can preload the information (inch or mm) into the Touch Screen Control and when change is to happen he pulls up the pattern for fastest changeover
  • This all contributes to super fast head changing efficiency
    • Quick Open-Reset Feature To Setting Cutterheads and Feed Beam
  • Capable of Downloading from the Grinding Room to optional PC for Remote uploading to the SmartSet Control PLC-Touch Screen
  • Ethernet Hub, hookup and Software for Remote Troubleshooting of SmartSet Control PLC & Industrial PC