Powermax All-in-one Defect Saw & End Matcher

    Machine Information


    The Powermax (Endmatcher) cuts out defects, cuts to length &/or optimizes and endmatches wooden boards for several purposes. Varying from softwood wall and ceiling panelling to hardwood floorboards.

    • The latest development in wooden floor machinery
    • High capacity with advanced servo drive & control technique
    • Exceptional in its unique combination of production methods
    • 4 Pneumatic cylinders with valves for best possible control and efficiency.
    • 1 Luminescence-sensor camera for defect crayon mark identification – reading defects on the top face of the input coards
    • 1 Photo electric sensor for detecting the ends, 1 inductive sensor for detecting the position of the carriage. Detecting positions of the carriage and sawblades with servo feedback
    • Inductive-sensors – for detecting the position of the carriage and the others for detecting the positions of the saw blades
    • Powered belt conveyor with drive motor for waste cutoff pieces.
    • Machine is produced to CE Safety and Electrical Standards to UL/CSA Standards
    • Lenze PLC control

    Functional Specifications:

    WIdth Capacity to 12″ wide std. (to 16″ wide – optional)
    – min 2.4″ or 1.75″-option)
    Input Lengths: 18″ – 20′ (450-6000mm) – Longer/shorter input optional
    Output Lengths: std. – 15.9″-20′(400-6000mm)
    To 10″ (250mm) minimum Length-optional & longer optional
    Thicknesses: 0.4″-1/18″(10-30mm) – to 2″(50mm)
    Capacity: up to 24 pieces/min.
    Feed Speeds to: 400 FPM

     Some examples of approx. expected Lineal Production Rates

    • Throughput based on End Matching only – No Defecting

    Based on 6″(150mm) wide Material Input

    • 5 Meter 196″ Input Length = 20 pieces/min. = approx. 100m/min (325fpm) throughput
    • 3 Meter 118″ Input Length = 24 pieces/min. = approx. 72m/min (234fpm) throughput

    Based on 12″(300mm) wide Material Input

    • 5 Meter 196″ Input Length = 16 pieces/min. = approx. 80m/min (260fpm) throughput
    • 3 Meter 118″ Input Length = 20 pieces/min. = approx. 60m/min (195fpm) throughput

    Technical Specifications:

    Weight: 7850 lbs (3550 kg)
    Total Power: 62HP (40 kW)
    Air Pressure: 6 Bar
    Cutter diameter: 5″ (125mm)
    Sawblade diameter: 550mm (21.6″)
    Dust Conn Extraction – 3 Pipes 1x dia 200 mm.  2x dia 120 mm

    Random lengths, Fixed lengths, Optimizing at 100mm (4″) lengths


    Available Options

    To a Minimum Output Length of 10”(250mm)

    • The Shorter(than 15.9”(400mm) Output Lengths will slightly decline the overall throughput/output potential when running this short output

    Auto Mechanical Stop (might be considered for Herringbone &/or Parquet Flooring Production) includes an adjustable for length Auto Mechanical/Magnetic Stop for 17.9” (450mm) up to 60”(1500mm) – (Accuracy +/- .004”(=/-.1mm)

    Option to above Stop

    • Stop Length 17.9” (450mm) to 98”(8.2’) Max. is available but will require a powered Rollcase type outfeed from the Powermax (Accuracy +/- .004”(=/-.1mm)
    • Above Mechanical Stop System can be set up for sub program with 2 different fixed lengths to be run at the same time if desired
    • Note – You can view this Stop System in 1 of the available Videos.