Platinum Moulder Series

Machine Information


9″, 10.2″ 12″ OR 13″ Width; 6″, 8″ or 10″ Thickness Capacity

  • 1 to 9 Heads
  • Feed Speeds to 100FPM(30m/min)
  • Full Sound & Safety Enclosure
  • One-piece, Cast Iron Machine Frame
  • Extra Heavy Feed Beam supported at each end of the beam on 2 large supporting columns(at each end) and includes Motorized vertical adjustment of feed beam
  • Feed System is Full HD Cardan Shaft with very heavy gearboxes adn universals
  • More Powered Top & full Width Bottom Rolls then most of our competition
  • Pneumatic Pressure of the Top Feed Rolls can be easily set to provide the best feed roll pressure. Separate Pressure controls for top Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Rolls
  • Pneumatic Pressure – easily adjusted to Side head Holdover Rolls as well as the Top Head Chipbreaker(s)
  • Precision Spindle Assemblies each including 4 Super Precision Bearings for highest tolerances
  • Spindles Speeds are std. 7,200 RPM and 8,000 RPM is optional
  • Each spindle is driven by an individual motor for powerful machining and easy control
  • Hard-Chrome Plating on all Table Surfaces, Chip breakers, Pressure Plates and Main Guide for maximum wear resistance
  • Dual Digital Counters on Near Side Head & To Head(s) Radial Set & Digital Readouts for all heads Axial and Radial as well as counters on Chipbreakers & Pressure Plate(s)
  • Automatic Table Lube System included
  • Central Grease Lubrication System – lubrication points located from front of machine
  • Electrics to UL/CSA Standards and are 230/460 or 575/3/60 – can convert to single phase optional

Special machine & Head Layout & opposite Handed Configurations available on Request:

  • 10.2″, 12″ or 13″ Wide; 8″ or 10″ Thickness – optional
  • REC Setworks – Programmable controller prvides convenient thickness & width of cut settings. More Powered Top & Full Width Bottom Rolls then most of our competition. (See Optional SmartSet Controls listed below and in Separate Section)
  • SmartSet 100 – Operator Touch Screen Controls to load desired sizes and download to the machine which is equipped with Dual Electronic Digital Readouts – Top Desired position and bottom actual set position. (See SmartSet Separate Section)
  • SmartSet 200 – PLC Trouch Screen Control with desired Set Positions; Machine has 2 Dual Digital Readouts for each spindle 1 – Desired Position & other for Actual Position – Ball Screws each axis (See Separate SmartSet Section)
  • SmartSet 300 & 400 – Touch Screen Moulder Control System – Maintain all history files, downloads info fromt he grinding room, triple electronic position readouts for each axis, precision sets, troubleshooting, etc. (See SmartSet Sparate Section)
  • Quick Axial Set of 4″ (100mm) adjustment to the side heads – so that you can stack heads on top of each other for quick pattern changes
  • Hydro-Loc Outboards for horizontal spindle support on wider machiens
  • Grooved Beds for very Short Stock Feeding
  • Universal Head or Rip Attachment is optional
  • CE Specifications and 380 or 415/3/50 electrics also available
Working Width 0.78″-9.1″, 102.:, 12″ or 13″
(20-230mm, 160mm, 300mm or 330mm)
Working Thickness 0.39″-6″, 8″ or 10″
(10-150mm, 200mm or 250mm)
Number of spindles 1-9
Motor capacity per spindle 7.5HP to 30HP
Spindle Speed 7200 or 8000 RPM
Spindle diameter 1-13/16″, 40mm(1.6″) or 50mm or 1 1/2″
Feed motor (standard) 5HP
Feed Speed, infinitely variable 19.5-100FPM (6-30m/min)
Adjustment range: infeedtable
& edge-jointing fence
0.4″ (10mm)
Length of infeed table 78.7″(2m); 98″(2.5m) or 120″(3m)