Fixed Load & Travelling Chain Package Saw

Machine Information

  • Provides a means to load the package squarely to saw.
  • An economical means of package handling and ease of package cutting preparation.
  • Includes an end bumper that is used to tamp the load to square up and push small protrusions into the package.
  • The saw is electrically powered with VFD controlled drive motor on the traverse drive, and also the vertical travel. This allows you to move the saw over the fixed package.
  • The vertical travel is variable speed controlled for easily changing cutting speeds.
  • Designed around Industry Standard Chain Saw Engineering utilizing easily attained chain & sprockets parts. .404 pitch x .063 gauge.
  • High Speed and a controlled cut on the chain will produce an exceptionally smooth, clean & accurate cut.
  • Infinitely electrically Variable Cutting Speeds.
  • Further keys to the smooth, clean accurate cut are:
  • Accurate Guiding of Both ends of the saw. We use precision steel guide rollers in our vertical tracks.
  • Dual vertical rack and pinion tracks and guiding system provide for accurate cutting and even downward cutting forces.
  • The saw bar is fed through the wood by an electrical “Vector Drive” feed design that will provide even cutting forces over the entire bar length.
  • Heavy Duty Rigid Tubular Steel (framework) w/ample cross supports to facilitate rigidity & accurate cutting.
  • The main saw frame has 2 Vertical Rails housed in heavy duty frame tubing. The rails are steel tracks with hardened rollers guiding the saw, similar to a fork lift mast.
  • The machine incorporates a Rigid Backing Bar to add stiffness and protection for the blade
  • Adjustable cutting speeds up and down
  • Fully guided drive housing
  • Rim style self-cleaning drive sprocket to eliminate sawdust build-up on the drive
  • Enclosed drive assembly and Sawdust Collection housing (Most sawdust is carried to the drive housing, where it can be chuted to an optional take away conveying.
  • The chain bar can be removed from the cut without altering or moving the load to provide additional clearance
  • Positive chain lubrication system with adjustable time on/off cycling
  • Large capacity chain lubrication tank and electric driven lube pump.
  • Vertical Squaring Bars on the loading area for load positioning up are provided  (ie: operator pulls the load back against the vertical posts to square up.)
  • 1 End Bunker is supplied for tamping any protruding pieces back into the package prior to cutting. This system will handle small protrusions, it is not meant for badly packed loads, frozen or strapped loads.
  • The Operator’s Console is separate & mounted on an elevated platform for ease of viewing the machine operation. Access Stairs & Handrail are provided. This platform can be increased in size if requested prior to sale.
  • 3 HP variable speed rack and pinion traverse drive is mounted on the saw moving frame.
  • The opposite side houses a large capacity tank for chain bar lubrication
  • Standard as quoted the Load top of rail height is nominally 32 1/2”.
  • Can be custom designed as required.
  • All Drives, Hosing, Wiring, Operator’s Platform & Operating Console & Joystick load position control
  • Electrics are 230/460 Other Voltages on Request – 120/1/60 & 24VDC Control Power